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Water changing

At 03:48 AM 7/17/00 -0400, Bob Dixon suggests:
>You get a couple of those one-gallon-per hour drip valves in the garden
>department at the department store.  You hang them in the tank, attached to a
>sprinkler system timer.  You set the thing so it replaces 10% or 20% or
>whatever every week, twice a week, again-whatever.  You set up a
>self-regulating siphon (goose-neck siphon) in the back of the tank and run
>its output to a drain somewhere.  You can automatically top off and get water
>changes done at the same time without any effort from you.

Has anyone ever done this?  I devised a continuous water purification and 
changing system about  25 years ago that involved a heat exchanger and then 
booster heating incoming tap to about 190F for 6 hours, then cooling it via 
the heat exchanger and dripping it into the tank using hypodermic needles 
stuck into soft tubing.    The idea was to service a fish room with about 
100 tanks on a low-maintenance, low-construction-cost basis.

Has anyone ever done anything vaguely like this?????