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Re: Botia striata

>I had read in earlier posts, that people have had success with the zebra
>loach (Botia striata) eating snails in their planted tanks and not doing any
>damage to the plants.  I have been looking for these guys, and finally found
>some today.  As I was about to buy them, the guy at the LFS said "do you
>have plants in your tank?", to which I replied that, yes, it is a fairly
>heavily planted tank.  He said that the zebra loaches will uproot and
>disturb plant leaves and roots.  But then again, they had them labelled as
>"zebra botia" and he didn't seem to know that botia is also called a loach.
>He also didn't know that these fish are better kept in groups rather than
>singly, so his credibility is not high at this point.  But two other guys in
>the same store relayed similar experiences about zebra loaches damaging
>plants.  Before bringing the (finally found!) zebra loaches home, I thought
>I'd better check one more time...
>So, has anyone had experiences like this with the Botia striata doing damage
>to plants?

These guys are high on crack. If they have any left please send me
some(crack that is), I need good stuff<g>.  I have had a school for 8 years.
Never did they uproot nor touch a plant. They are likely the best of the
Botia, even far more suitable than the highly prized clown loach. They love
snails to no end. I think I got my first ones back in the late 1970's. They
are a perfect plant fish if you don't like snails or need someone to feed
the excess snails to.
Tom Barr