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Eusteralis Morph!

I'm currently growing out Eusteralis stellata (ES) tops for a new tank I
will be setting up over the next month or so and saw something that really
surprised me.  First of all, as you know, ES leaves grow in whorls at stem
nodes which are half inch or longer apart based on growing conditions and
how close the plant is to the light, etc.  The whorls are a single ring of
leaves around the stem and there is always a break of some distance to the
next whorl.  In other words, one whorl is never mixed up with another whorl.

I noticed that one stem out of about 30 that I was replanting this evening
grew leaves continuously in a spiral!  If one could have unwrapped the
leaves from around the stem one would have had a single unbroken string of
leaves 7 or 8 inches long.  Sort of like a fan.  Also quite interesting was
the fact that the stem itself was twisted in a corkscrew shape for an inch
or so before it straightened out with the single spiral of leaves.

Anyone ever observed anything like that or have any thoughts on what causes
such a thing.  

I have, of course, kept this stem and will watch it closely and see what it

Regards, Steve Dixon