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BGA eating fish

    I was flipping through my "Aquarium Plants Manual" (Ines Scheurmann, 
published by Barrons) and saw something new to me.  Under "algae control", 
specifically blue-green algae, there is the quote  "The easiest to use as 
algae eaters: red ram's horn snails: the quickest: for every 12.5 gallons of 
water, three Japanese algae bitterlings(Rhodeus sericeus).   
    I have not had BGA in a year, but this was the first time I have heard of 
this fish and only the second time I have heard of a fish that eats BGA.  The 
other fish was Ameca splendens, and these did not work for me.  
    Has anyone kept Rhodeus sericeus, and if so, were they noticed eating 
algae?  If it is a nice fish, I would consider getting some just to try 
something new-  assuming I ever saw them for sale.  
    Pierre Gagne
    Kensington, MD