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Re: SAE's and Rotala wallichii

>>Tom Barr wrote "AE's after extensive testing............do chow Rotala
wallichii. Many fish were tested (8 pairs in a 20 gallon) they all like to
hurt the plant."

Tom, your SAE's must be related to our five :) I wasn't sure if they
actually eat the ultrafine leaves or damage them trying to clean them.
However, they hang out there quite a lot, so I think they are well past the
cleaning stage. In any case, our wallichii is surviving and growing, but
nothing to write homepage about. Too bad, because I really like the
contribution this plant makes to an aquascape.<<

I have five SAES in a 100 gallon tank with Rotala indica growing, Mayaca,
and Baby tears, (the three most delicate plants I have) and my SAEs do not
eat any of the plants. They do appear to be eating scum or algae from them
though. But since I never have hair algae in this tank, they have grown fat
eating dry and frozen foods.

Robert Paul H
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