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snails, plants, and Botia striata...

I had read in earlier posts, that people have had success with the zebra
loach (Botia striata) eating snails in their planted tanks and not doing any
damage to the plants.  I have been looking for these guys, and finally found
some today.  As I was about to buy them, the guy at the LFS said "do you
have plants in your tank?", to which I replied that, yes, it is a fairly
heavily planted tank.  He said that the zebra loaches will uproot and
disturb plant leaves and roots.  But then again, they had them labelled as
"zebra botia" and he didn't seem to know that botia is also called a loach.
He also didn't know that these fish are better kept in groups rather than
singly, so his credibility is not high at this point.  But two other guys in
the same store relayed similar experiences about zebra loaches damaging
plants.  Before bringing the (finally found!) zebra loaches home, I thought
I'd better check one more time...

So, has anyone had experiences like this with the Botia striata doing damage
to plants?