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Ceratophyllum looses leaves

I bought a pretty nice Ceratophyllum demersum. Within 2 - 3 days after
putting it in the tank, the plant starts loosing nearly all leafes. Parts of
the plant are now existing only as stem. I fixed the plant with a stone over
the ground (not in the ground). My water conditions are KH=5,3, NO3=6,
PO4=0,5, T=25C, pH=7.0, tank=200l. All other plants don't show any defects
of this kind. It is my first C.d., I don't know what do to and what can be
the reason of this. Shall I leave the plant in the tank waiting for new
leafes? What is your diagnose and what your recommendation? Thanks for your
greetings from Klaus Haber