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Re: Light Bulb Source

>He lists 'Mail Order Pet Shop' 
as a source for the ultra tri lux.  

> The only source I've found online is:  
>  http://www.mopetshop.com/index.html

Explains my problem. I was looking at the Mail Order Pet Shop in 
Canada--different URL. Thanks for the address.
> By the way, I went to the local SuperPetz to get bedding for my 
>  daughter's rat, and while rummaging through the clearance bin 
>  found a stack of Ultra Tri Lux (30 watt, the very size I use) for $7 
>  each ($18 online). So you might look there if this chain exists near 
>  you.

Hey, that would make my week! Unfortunately no SuperPetz around here, though. 
Gives me the idea to check at local stores (I figured _if_ they had them, 
they'd be ungodly expensive.)

> The 
>  built-in reflector reflects the generated light back into the bulb itself. 
>  Most of that light is converted to heat rather than making it back out the 
>  other side.  The one without the built-in reflector will actually give 
>  light with a white reflector in the fixture than the more expensive bulb 
> with 
>  the reflector built into the bulb.

Thanks, Bob. This actually makes sense to me.