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Re: various comments on lighting.

Wright writes:

<snip>> For water and glass at an index of refraction near 1.5, the critical 
>  is about 45 degrees. Light hitting the inside of the glass-air surface at
>  the critical angle is bent (refracted) to propagate parallel to the glass
>  surface, and anything at greater angle suffers total internal reflection.
>  The reverse is true at the water air interface above. Horizontal light is
>  bent down to 45 degrees inside the tank, hence it can't get out through the
>  glass until redirected.

>  Hope that helps more than confuses.

I think so.  So when I stand in front of the tank, and the sides look like 
mirrors, it's this critical angle thing at work.  If That's correct, then I 
got it.

Bob Dixon