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Light period and algae

In all the recent discussions of light intensity, mostly started by algae
concerns, no one seems to mention the importance of light period.

Several years ago, this subject was beaten to death, here, and I'd like to
summarize my recollection of the conclusions. [Yes, I could go check the
archives, but that might disturb my preconceived notions. :-)]

Vascular plants need an alternation between photosynthesis and respiration
to carry out their more complex transport and energy-conversion processes.
Indeed, I believe it was observed that most actual growth of fast-growers,
like Hygro species happened at night, in the dark.

Algae, OTOH, were simpler energy machines that could do quite well in
constant light.

I hope someone can confirm or deny my memory on this. It could have serious
bearing on a recent posting that changing the period was just like adding or
subtracting light. I do not believe it is that simple.

Basically, one of the prime ways to get plants to outcompete algae is to get
the light period, as well as strength, optimized for the plants, hence
letting them rob algae of other nutrients.

That's my memory of it, anyway.


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