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Re: Kasselmann in English

At 03:48 AM 7/15/00 -0400, James P asks:

>Does anyone know the status of the English translation of Christel
>Kasselmann's book "Aquarium Plants"? Amazon.com still lists it as not yet
>published, although they give a publishing date of July 2000.

The translation is complete, the editing is complete, it is scheduled for 
typesetting to be completed not later than August 2000, at which time a 
page count will be available.   This is important because it determines the 
price.  I have ordered 500 copies (yes, I know, one of the danger signs of 
mental illness) and will be shipping as soon as I can.   Watch this forum 
for more info.  I am hoping they will arrive in time for Christmas deliveries.