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potted submerged plants...

Someone wrote to me a while ago, that he keeps potted swords in his Discus
tank.  I can't find the message any more.  I am setting up a new tank for my
clown loaches, which will soon outgrow their 10-gal.  They have been very
gentle with the plants in the 10-gal., but I think as they grow, this will
not be the case.  But...I definitely want live plants in their tank!  I
thought swords would be large enough to be of little interest to the clowns,
and I also thought I would try the idea of potting them in clay pots, each
pot having a layer of gravel in the bottom, some soil mixture (any
suggestions as to the mixture?) and a shallow layer of gravel on top.  This
may prevent them from being pulled up or otherwise mauled by the growing