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Open Top Tanks

Tom wrote:

>Tropica and dupla have examples and so does SFBAAPS (mine). I like Hamiltons
>MH as they are cheap and nice. Jumping fish and evaporation are the bad
>parts, everything else is great!
>Setting them up is not much different than other tanks. You can do more with
>open top tanks though.

I love mine too, and I agree with Tom that evaporation is a PITA,
especially in the winter when the room temperature is lower.

I don't agree with the jumping thing though.  I was worried about it ahead
of time, but I've lost less fish out of that tank than I have out of my
other, fully covered tanks in the same period of time. My tank has been
running for a year now, and I have lost exactly 2 fish, one Columbian red
fin tetra, and one Congo tetra.  BOTH had been in the tank for less than a
week, and had not yet settled in when they jumped.  I've even got some
Killies in there.  They all seem to be happy and comfortable.  I do allow
many plants to grow to the surface, so there is plenty of "natural" cover.

Like Tom and George, I use the Hamilton Technologies lamps, and have been
very happy with them.