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Hardware approvals and insurance?

     Ok so this is a lot off topic but it does have
something to do with our tanks and the way we set them
     I just had a conversation with a supplier about
MH lighting and I told him that I could get them
cheaper if I bought them direct and from the US. I
told him about the supplier and said that he should
look into it since they were cheaper than there
competition which he carried. He then stated that he
had tried to place orders with cheaper companies from
the US but his boss would not allow it. The boss said
if the product did not have CSA approval regardless if
it had ULC approvals theywould not carry it due to
insurance reasons ie; if it self combusted.
     So my question is this; if you live in Canada and
you buy something that only has ULC approval or the
other way around, if you live in the US and it only
has CSA approvals and something goes wrong and your
house burns down would you be covered? Or is this guy
just a nid and he wants me to buy his stuff at twice
the price?
     I know this is of topic but I thought it might be
of interest in some bizarre way.

Thanks much Davis :)
adele_davis at yahoo_com 

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