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Re: Light Intensity

This sounds like an excellent idea. To be thorough, though, you'd have to 
observe the plant at different light intensities, and drop the lighting until 
the plant shows signs of demise, which would give the minimum. Note the 
changes in the plant coloring & growth at different intensities. (I do want 
those reds & pinks!)

And it would be complicated by the fact that in different substrates/water 
conditions it may vary. (Wouldn't it?) Higher light could require the plant 
have access to more nutrients, but it may also just mean that the plant would 
be more effective at utilizing what's available.


> Now, if Tom Barr, who seems to have at least one of every plant known to 
>  hobby and then some, had a lux meter (or borrowed mine) and took readings 
> the 
>  dozens of tanks he owns or maintains, maybe we could create such a table.