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RE: every plant known

>Now, if Tom Barr, who seems to have at least one of every plant known to the 
>hobby and then some, had a lux meter (or borrowed mine) and took readings in the 
>dozens of tanks he owns or maintains, maybe we could create such a table. 

When's it a coming in da mail? HeHe, thanks feller! 

I don't have all of the plants...........just a lot.
There's always more:) I don't keep everything all the time either, just the
rare stuff that I think is a nice plant for what I'm playing with at the
moment. I try to get the neat stuff out there so we can have access to more
later rather than whining that the Asians and Europeans have all the cool
plants and we ain't got none, nor can we import due to the USDA's rockwool
issue(: Sort of a Johnny apple seed of plants:) If we have the plants, the
local suppliers of USA equipment, we don't need foreign products at all. We
then will have the ability to develop our own style, have our own product
lines & be much cheaper than the other markets. We're catching up faster
than we might think.
Tom Barr