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Re: Environmentalism (was: Crypts and Light)

Karen Randall writes:

> There is absolutely no question that you _can_ have a beautiful planted
>  tank with very high light levels... The question is, is there anything you
>  are growing at this level that could not be grown very well at lower light
>  levels?  And if not, does it make sense to throw our limited resources away
>  in this fashion?  Obviously, even running a tank uses energy, and
>  everything we do every day has some impact on our environment.  Everyone
>  has to decide for themselves whether the benefits outweigh the costs.  I
>  think we need to think about it, though, and make a rational decision
>  rahter than just buying into the "more is better" mentality.  (I'm not
>  accusing you of that... you may have gone through this thought process
>  already.  I'm just asking each aquarist to do it for themselves)

Gee.  I never really thought about it like that.  I have 1.5 to 2 watts per 
gallon on all of my set-ups for the simple reason that I can't afford more 
equipment.  I am content with my tanks, except that I have to keep ripping 
out the extra vallisnaria and taking it down to the LFS.  It gets out of hand 
about once a month.  Now I'm getting ready to chop up my anubias into little 
pieces and do the same with it.

On another list, I have been an advocate of DI over RO because DI doesn't 
generate any waste after the first gallon or two per charge.  Most of them 
don't get it.  I guess they'd have to spend some time in a place where 
lawyers make more money off Water Rights Law than ambulance chasing.  Some 
people don't understand that water is a limited commodity.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator