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re: light intensity

Karen Randall wrote:
>I hate to dislillusion you, but in my 7 year old son's ultra low-tech 10G tank with one 15W
>fluorescent tube, Riccia is a bigger problem than algae is in any of my bigger, better lit >tanks. Riccia does_not_need ultra-high light levels.

I did not state that Riccia was a high light plant or needed high light levels to grow. The Tropica Catalogue gives light requirements of low to very high for this plant. So perhaps Riccia cannot be classified as needing a specific light level. Correct me if I'm wrong, but given brighter light, and enough CO2 and nutrients to match the higher level of light, wouldn't Riccia grow faster than in a lower light situation? Perhaps I should have stated this in my earlier post, as this was this what I was trying to communicate.