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Re: AGA Contest Rules

Jared wrote:
"I wanted to point out the images in the "Sample Entry" for the AGA contests
have a copyright notice and name (perhaps intensionally since they are up
on the Web). However in the Photo Guidelines section I read "Images
submitted should not have the photographer's name or Copyright Notice
superimposed over the image" This discrepancy might be misleading."

For ENTRANTS, the rules given in the Guidelines (i.e. nothing superimposed
over the images you submit) are what you would follow.

The imagess on the web site in the Sample Entry, belong to George Booth, who
graciously allowed us to use him as a guniea pig for the sample. Erik placed
the copyright notices over the images to leave no doubt in anyone's mind
that these images belong to someone and cannot be copied and used

Once we place the images that people submit to the event on the web site,
each will have an accompanying copyright notice (it may or may not intrude
on the image). The copyright of ALL submitted images belongs to and remains
with the photographer - check with the Photo Realease which is part of the
Entry Form.

James Purchase