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Random thoughts on light intensity...

Hey all,
    See where this logic takes you:

    1.  Plants need light.
    2.  Plants absorb light from sun, MH, fluorescent, etc.
    3.  Under bright light, plants need less surface area to get enough
    4.  Under lower light, plants need more surface area to get enough

    Plants grown under less light have a tendency to put forth
larger/more leaves to absorb light.

Note:  Extremes are to be avoided!
    Too much light, plant turns to carbon chunk as water is boiled away!

    Too little light, plant turns white and starts racing to surface in
search of light!

    All this discussion makes me want to cut lighting on my 75 down to
160 watts from 240 watts...  so tempting...  :  )

Note:  I have not taken any college logic courses, so this is all
unevidenced supposition.  Any damages from above theory are not the
responsibility of me. :  )

Keep on writing!

Douglas Bertelsen
dcbertelsen at zxmail_com