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AGA event prize list (to date.....)

In my earlier message, I mentioned that over $2,500.00 US in donated prizes
will be up for grabs in the Contest portion of the AGA International
Aquascaping Showcase & Contest. There is a complete list on the web site,
but in case some of you don't have WWW access, here is a text listing of the
prizes which have been donated to date.

All Glass Aquarium
 - Donation: 72 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium with Stand
Aqua Botanic
 - Donation: $ 100.00 US Gift Certificate and Pablo Tepoot's book
Aquarium Driftwood
 - Donation: $50 Gift Certificate
Aquarium Hobbyist Supply
 - Donation: $ 100.00 US Gift Certificate
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
 - Donation: Leaf Zone 240 ml product #576G (5 bottles),
 - Root Tabs with Iron Box of 60 tablets (5 boxes),
 - First Layer Pure Laterite 1.54 Kg Box (5 boxes)
Cichlid Press
 - Donation: 2 Books by Ad Konings (to be autographed)
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium
 - Donation: 1 year Gift Subscription
 - Donation: #HCO-200E HydroCO Reactors up to 200 gallons External, #BC
Bubble Counter
Ice Cap Inc.
 - Donation: Ballast of the Winner's Choice
Jungle Labs
 - Donation: Miscellaneous products
Mail Order Pet Supplies
 - Donation: $ 100.00 Cdn Gift Certificate
 - Donation: Eclipse System 6
Monolith Marine Monsters (m3)
 - Donation: $ 40.00 US Gift Certificate
Perfecto Manugacturing
 - Donation: Undergravel Filter
PlantGuild Products
 - Donation: (3) Substrate Spot Fertilizing Advanced Kits, containing
applicator, pellet press, and chemical components.
 - (3) PlantGuild Gold, Super Concentrate Liquid Fertilizer, 8 ounce liquid.
Practical Fishkeeping
 - Donation: 1 year Gift Subscription
 - Donation: 5 copies of the Tropica plant book,
 - 5 - 500 ml bottles of Tropica Mastergrow
Diana Walstad
 - Donation: 1 Book - "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium" (to be autographed)

James Purchase