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RE: Where to go to see excellent planted tanks.....

Cathy Hartland asked:
"It would be helpful to those of us who aren't in the SF Bay area to
be able to see photos of these expert tanks. Don't any of you folks
have websites where we might get an idea of the possibilities? "

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I do have a suggestion.....point your
browser at http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/

The AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest was designed for JUST
this sort of purpose.

I do hope that a lot of you intend to enter this..... (experts and
non-experts alike)...

We have put a lot of thought and effort into making this an event for
everyone, whether you are competitive or not. If you want the chance to win
a prize from a prize pool which currently stands at over $ 2,500.00
(Estimated US Dollar Retail Value), enter the Contest portion of the event
as well as the Showcase.

Have your aquascape evaluated by our Judging Panel consisting of:
- Karen Randall (past Chair of the AGA, Aquarium Fish Magazine columnist),
- Neil Frank (Editor Emeritus of TAG, the AGA Journal),
- Claus Christensen (Managing Director of Tropica Aquarium Plants, Denmark),
- Kaspar Horst (Co-founder of Dupla, Germany and Editor of Aquarium Heute).

If you aren't a competitive person, you can still enter the Showcase portion
of the event and have your tank displayed on the web site.

Entering couldn't be easier - full details are available on the web site and
have been mailed to all AGA members. But you DON'T have to belong to the AGA
to enter this event and share images of your aquascapes with others - it is

The deadline for submission of entries is September 30, 2000 and winners
will be announced by November 30, 2000. The images will be displayed on the
web site and made available on CD-ROM through the AGA at the end of the

James Purchase