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Re: light bulb questions

Sylvia wrote:

"This is what I'm after .  . . stuck with 2 double strip reflectors on 
this tank, what is the best I can get with what I got?  I need a 
couple of good bulbs that will improve on lighting conditions. What 
are the specs on Ultra Tri Lux? I would think it's the lumen count 
that we're looking for? and to some extent color spectrum, but 
there seems to be contradictions on the blue & red (the golden 
rule) vs. green & yellow spectrums."

George Booth has good info about the Ultra Tri Lux and the Triton 
on his website:  http://www.frii.com/~booth/AquaticConcepts/. I 
would think that would make a good mix. The Ultra TL has higher 
lumens than most, and a very nicely balanced color spectrum (to 
our eyes) with red and blue peaks about evenly matched and a 
strong green component which makes the plants look vibrant to us. 
The Triton is a little on the blue side, but it makes the fish look nice 
:)   Hoa Nguyen has spectrum info on his website as well: 

Cathy Hartland