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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #407

>and Cathy replied:
>> that you can't 
>>  just flatly state that you can grow any plant, or any bright red plant 
>>  (sorry Tom Barr), with 1.5 or 2 watts per gallon, without qualifying 
>>  exactly what the lighting conditions are.
>Tom wrote:
>> I have nice red Cabomba and Rotala at 2 watts a gallon. 2x40 watt bulbs over
>>  a 40 long tank.
>>  Cherry red all the time. It ain't da light. Neil has some blood red Rotala
>>  macrandra at the same amount of light.. possibly less. I have wallichii at
>>  about the same lighting that you have.
>>  Back off the NO3 levels and see what happens. I suspect you'll get better
>>  colors. Several folks have been finding this to be the case in different 
>>  water types(very soft with added KH/GH to about 4 each and my water which 
>>  KH5/GH9). Both tanks have less light than you have.
>>  PC's will add more light for a reasonable cost. 2-55 watts would do plenty
>>  for your needs. Check out A&H for more info.

Well I see that I did indeed mentioned the tank and conditions..... so yes,
I can flatly say that it ain't da light in this situation. Neil's tank is
even deeper so he can say it also. I know several folks who can say it. I
didn't believe a lot of things long ago either:) The key here balance
between the Light/CO2/Trace&macro elements and tank management. I have tanks
from no watts a gallon to 6 watts a gallon and I can do well with all these
value and those in between.

Tom Barr