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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #407

>Hey Tom,
>What is the color temperature of the triton bulbs you use?  Could it be
>that red plants require temperatures >= 5000K?  I see that you have
>6500K and the tritons, what are the temperatures on Neil's tubes.  I am
>curious to see if red plants require higher temperatures to stay red.

This is not true. I have nice red colored plants at 3000K bulbs and 4000K
Higher temps help, but are not a prerequisite. I like a mix of colors
myself. I think the big issue on color temps is the way the colors look to
us. Almost every color(3000-8000K) bulb will grow plant fairly well. How we
see the these colors is another issue.

>I use GE plant & aquarium bulbs (full spectrum) - 3050K and Chroma 50s -
>5000K, but I think I may switch the Chroma 50s for Cool Whites - 4150K.

It might look better but the plants are that picky. But the cool whites are
what a- 1$ ea? Sure, why not.
Tom Barr