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Re: O'Sullivan's rolling riccia hedges

>From: osullivan at ameritech_net
>Subject: creating Riccia hedges
>>Can anyone give me a good description of the process of creating those
>"Amano" style Riccia hedges?  Supposedly you're supposed to place the
>piece of Riccia on the gravel and sprinkle some gravel over it to hold
>it down and then some Hairgrass planted around it is supposed to hold it
>in place?  I'm confused as to whether you shove the hairgrass stalks
>right through the patches of riccia or between them or what.  Can anyone

Plant the hairgrass first, in the overall pattern you want them to take.
Then, take tweezers and use them to place "riccia fan fragments" deep in
b/n the hairgrass leaves.  You don't have to use pebbles to hold the riccia
down.  Best to use a rreeeaaalll sslloooowww growing hairgrass type to
limit any possible invasion problems.  

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