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light intensity

Hi all,
This thread is very interesting. As I stated earlier, my 2 tanks have about 5 watts/gallon. This level is really more a function of me wanting the versatility of turning them into reef tanks if I want to, as I like to try different things. I came from a reefkeeping background into plant tanks. This level may not be needed, but I have a stand of Rotala indica that spans the entire back of my 125, and it is the most intense pink I have ever seen. It almost looks artificial. Much more intense than any other tanks I have seen (with lower levels comparable to what has been described as "enough"). I have read some lighting articles and for corals there is a light level which anything over that does no good (like a stauration point). Is this the same for plants? I would guess so. Can anyone expand on this? The only imbalance problems I have had so far (in 16 months) has been an algae/bacterial bloom, which I took care of by increasing water changes for a period. Other than that the tank h
 as run smoothly, with good plant growth. The one area where my light level may retard growth is in my crypts, which tend to spread slowly, except for C. balansae. My Java fern grows up to the water surface. I have a 10 lb piece of root wood that I cannot see any more because it is completely covered with the fern. Looks like a bush. Java Fern is a low light level plant, but seems to tolerate and prosper in my setup. The next tank will definitely be a lower light level so I can see any differences this makes. 
(the above is anecdotal and not based on any scientific research-hehehe)