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I'd like to make a toast--to my champagne CO2 diffuser

No one responded to my post about finding a simple plastic CO2 diffuser for 
use with a DIY bottle, so thought I'd share how I made my own without having 
to throw together too many parts. I spied some miniature plastic champagne 
glasses at the LPS (local party store) that looked they would make ideal 
bells when turned upside down. Cut the base off, drilled a tiny hole through 
their tiny stems, stuck the end of my bottle's air line on the end of the 
stem and secured the line to the inside of the tank with a suction cup, and 
voila, a perfect little CO2 bell. I adjust the amount of CO2 that sits in the 
bell and thus the PH by moving the suction cup up or down on the 
airline--clamped at the top of the bell it keeps it level and more CO2 
collects; moved higher it lets the bell tilt up and burp more CO2. I'm so 
happy!  (It takes so little when you're just trying to get something right 
with your tank, doesn't it?)