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RE: full spectrum VHO's

> From: Mark Gilmore <gilmore at physics_ucla.edu>
> Now that Duro Test has filed bankrupcy, does anyone know if
> full spectrum
> VHO bulbs (48", 110 W) are available anywhere else?  Either
> stockpiles of
> Vita-Lites, or another manufacturer?

I just posted the same basic question (72", 160w) a couple weeks ago.
Duro-Test did offer me a discount on a minimum 5000 bulb order though:)

You options are much broader with 48". I wasn't a big fan of the URIs, which
made me dig up Duro-Test a few years ago. Coralife makes a line of (claimed)
VHO 6500K 94CRI bulbs. I have a pair waiting for me to install. I'll post my
impressions on the immediate differences between them and the Duro-Test, but
it will take some time to really know what to think of them.

I'd have already installed the bulbs, but all threads on substrate heating
have convinced me my cables don't run often enough, so I'm going to create
some passive ventilation in my hood this weekend. I must need more to do:)

Jon Wilson