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Green Water


Reading the inputs about green water which several hobbyists commented
must be due to excessive light, I like to say that I have 2 tanks in my
balcony which are exposed to sunlight several hours a day.  I have never
been to Europe or America so I don't really know how brightly the sun
shines over there but here in Singapore where we are very close to the
equator, the sun's a scorcher.  It shines brightly throughout the year
but guess what, I don't have green water.  If excessive light is the
cause, I'm sure green water would have occurred in my balcony tanks in
which the plants pearl everyday.  Even mosses pearl.  

Someone also said that overfeeding is a cause.  Well, I feed the fish in
my balcony tanks very often.  I keep Guppies, Rams and Angelfish.  To
get them into breeding condition, I feed them with live food several
times a day, either Tubifex or Blood worms.  I'm overly generous with
the feedings and very often, the live worms go uneaten and can be seen
burrowing themselves into the substrate.  Yet, no green water

Another observation, also purely anecdotal of course - A few years ago
when I kept Discus in bare tanks in my balcony, I noticed that green
water never occur in tanks that are using undergravel filters.  But
don't ask me why, I don't know.

Loh K L