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Re: Balanced Tank/Green Water

I have a 4 month old lightly planted tank and was having serious green water
problems. I tried everything suggested (filter floss, diatom filter, lights
off, more water changes, less water changes, more planting etc..) and it
turned out to be the light. I had bought 2 250w 6500k MH pendants on the the
recommendation of a store owner. These were suspended 13 inches above the
surface and then dropped to 8 inches due to all the light intensity
ramblings. My water was nasty. I turned all the lights off for 3 days then
for kicks put the little old regular fluorescent fixture that came with the
tank on. Crystal clear water in less than a week. If you look at Amanos
books you will notice that he errors on the low side of the watts per gallon
rule. Just some observations.