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light intensity

Regarding George's lighting query:

All of our tanks are lit with NO fluorescents.  We have two tanks at 1.5
watts per gallon and both support only low-light plants; the lighting in
both tanks could be improved without increasing the wattage. I have one
tank at 2 watts/per gallon that's a little dim right now because of aging
tubes, I guess, but it supports a jungle of moderate and high-light plants
(E. tenellus, Lileaopsis, Bacopa caroliniana(?) Myriophyllum
matogrossense(?), Ludwidgia repens and a few more.  I have a tank at 2.5
watts per gallon that is good mostly for low light plants because most of
the tank is shaded by oversized crypts and an amazon sword.  The remaining
tanks all have 3 watts/gallon and can support high-light plants as long as
I don't let things get overgrown, and that takes constant pruning.

I don't imagine much need for more than 3 watts/per gallon, especially
for large tanks.

Roger Miller