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Re:Content of posts

Roger wrote:

> However, it's clear that the list is not a general aquarium discussion
>  forum; the emphasis here is on plants and planted tanks.  My sense is that
>  if you have very many questions that aren't particularly related to plants
>  or planted tanks then you should ask those questions someplace where
>  people can offer you more specific expertise.  That also leaves our list's
>  time and space open for plant-related questions.
>  It is sometimes hard to figure out whether or not a question is really
>  appropriate for this list.  Usually if you don't need a plant keeper's
>  input and you can clearly state your problem without referring to plants,
>  then you should consider asking the question in a different forum.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who consider themselves to 
be experts, or offer advice and may not have a clue. I've come to respect the 
opinions and experience of many of those on the APD for a few reasons.

1) Many have a long history of fishkeeping.
2) Keeping fish in a tank is easy. Keeping healthy fish, _especially_ in a 
planted tank, is quite a different animal. It takes a level of commitment not 
necessarily needed otherwise.
3) Many view their fish as pets, not merely ornamental, or temporary 
decorative objects, and care for them as such.
4) There seems to be a level of education found here than I've not found in 
the general fish-keeping community. Sometimes inquiring minds need to know, 
and generally there's someone here who can pop off an answer without even 
giving it a thought. 

Generally when I encounter a problem I figure somebody's dealt with it 
somewhere in their (10, 20, 30) years of fishkeeping. I guess I didn't give 
thought to the fact that it gets boring and old to mull over these topics. I 
actually appreciate the diversity of topics that come up that others 
sometimes object to (such as finding out about commercially available fish 
anaesthetics to euthanize fish etc.).