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RE: clamy

>This reminds me about the freshwater clam that I used to have.  Wonderful
>creature.  If anybody else keeps these guys or knows of a source for
>obtaining them (haven't seen them at my LFS in years) please let me know
>off list--I'd love to get some more.

How's about going to the Russian river collecting them? It's not that far
from you and Burke's canoe rentals will rent one for you and you can make a
fun day of it. Paddle up to the Air tube damn and dig around the sand bars
just below the rapids. There's plenty. I've had them for some time. AAG
sells on line/MO also.
Didn't know thar's a FW mollusk growing so close did ya?  Also a great place
to get driftwood, have a great lazy day swimming(they have a shuttle bus to
take you back upstream!) on a hot day. There's lots of clams around here.
Now I'm hungry for steamed.........clams. Mmmm.
Tom Barr