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Re: Tank Imbalance

> What you are forgetting is that green water (algae) is not necessarily
> "unnatural."  In nature, green water is everywhere.  Algae serves its purpose
> in nature by consuming nitrates and other waste byproducts, as food for
> certain other members of the food chain, etc.

Agreed. But when the subject of balance comes up with regards to planted
aquaria, one is usually referring to the artificial ecosystem created in a
closed system. I believe that the subject of algae in nature is irrelevant
to said ecosystem. It seems everyone (except me) has proven this by creating
an environment free of suspended algae. :)
I don't have a magic 1-word
> answer in my pocket to get rid of it, but green water's major cause is
> usually excess nutrients, and excess light is also a contributor.

I have not fertilized the water column in weeks. I feed the fish only every
few days. Nitrates are zero, phosphates are barely detectable. Where are the
excess nutrients coming from? I am beginning to suspect I may not have
_enough_ nutrients, but the plants are growing which leaves me a little
Phil Behrends
Colorado Springs, CO