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Re: Content of posts

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Sylvia wrote:

> I noticed some objection to content of some posts. I've been among those
> guilty of asking questions about fish diseases, parasites, etc., and not
> sticking entirely to the subject of plants. I haven't participated in any
> other newsgroup or usenet in re: these other topics, mostly due to time &
> other constraints, and thought this board was an acceptable forum for related
> topics such as those I mentioned.

Cynthia is the only one who can answer this question
authoritatively, so what follows is purely my opinion.

The letter that Carmen Robinett posted recently -- much the same text that
scrolls by when you visit the APD archive at actwin.com -- is the only
guidance I know of for letter content.  That guidance is non-restrictive
and a wide range of topics are acceptable.

However, it's clear that the list is not a general aquarium discussion
forum; the emphasis here is on plants and planted tanks.  My sense is that
if you have very many questions that aren't particularly related to plants
or planted tanks then you should ask those questions someplace where
people can offer you more specific expertise.  That also leaves our list's
time and space open for plant-related questions.

It is sometimes hard to figure out whether or not a question is really
appropriate for this list.  Usually if you don't need a plant keeper's
input and you can clearly state your problem without referring to plants,
then you should consider asking the question in a different forum.

Roger Miller