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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #401

Thanks Tom for your reply to my statement on soil based substrates. In
your statement you mentioned a peat/flourite substrate.  I currently
have one that has been established for 6 months now.  The only
difference is that the peat was mixed 50/50 with a hillside soil.  Two
inches of this peat/soil mix was placed under 2" of flourite.  It was
placed in a 33 long (48") tank and illuminated with a shop light with GE
Chroma 50 bulbs.  Initally, tank CO2 was added. The growth and quality
of the plants has been incredible.   Algae is non existent.  However,
the constant need for pruning is nice but it takes a lot of time.  So
from MY experience, I know flourite works very well over a soil/peat

I also have a pure flourite substrate that I am very pleased with.
However, since the tank is a different size (30 gal. 36") and it is
running on DIY CO2, a direct comparison is not possible.  Plants do very
well in it though.

Finally, I have gradually taken the CO2 away from many of my tanks just
to save on maintenance.  The key here is to have enough experience to
know how to manipulate the tank parameters in order to achieve a new
slower growth balance.  I aso feel that it is easier(but not essential)
to start with CO2 when starting up a tank.

Joe Hildreth
15 Cedar Street
Potsdam,NY 13676