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Re: Reliable test kits

on 01:48 AM 7/11/00 , Peter wrote:

>I find the Hagen test kits good.  They are consistant and well made.  Well
>made as in they give you different sized bottles depending on how much
>chemical you use.
>None of the 2 drops of bottle #1 and 5 drops of bottle #2 with both bottles
>the same size... thus having one empty twice as fast as the other and you
>having to buy a new kit.

I was going to mention something about the new Hagen test kits. I'm really 
impressed with them. Their pH kit is the only kit I've found whose colors 
actually resemble the ones on the chart.

They have an Iron kit that reads with a clear blue color in one minute. 
There is a second reagent that can be added to detect chelated iron, which 
takes 30 minutes.

The results on the chelated iron test match the ones I get with the Sera 
test and a 4-hour wait, and it matches the immediate Sera results for 
non-chelated (i.e. Flourish) iron. You have to interpolate a bit to read 
small quantities, but my iron tests focus on "some" or "none" or "way too 
much" so that's not a problem.

Also, all of their test kits come with a nice fat 5 ml syringe for filling 
up the test tube. No more dipping and shaking.

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