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AGA Conference - Tennessee Aquarium

Ya'll just don't know how sad I am :-( !!! My wife and I probably get 
away twice a year to kick our heels up. So earlier this year, I 
decided we needed to go to a PGA event, being the golf fans we 
are. The closest and biggest event for us is the PGA Championship 
in Atlanta. So, I purchased tickets way back in April, to find out a 
month later about the aquarium conference. They're both on the 
same weekend. Damn. Ever been torn between two loves...

Needless to say, I'm heart-broken. Chattanooga is only a 4 hr ride 
and visiting the aquarium has been high on my list since the place 
opened up. This would've been the BEST, all-in-one, experience for 
me; a giant aquarium, meeting the list members, private tours, 
auctions, lectures. How 'bout meeting there again next year?? 

Jamie <"\\\><,  who better see a bunch of hole-in-ones...