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RE: Cables

>Umm, no, I gave up on trying to create terraces long ago. Here's what I do: If I 
>want an area that appears to be higher I use taller plants! 8-O

Me too. But am branching out/reevaluating the old ones into to new areas. 

>> 5) replanting/trimming/hacking/attacking/disturbing the substrate. Try doing
>> this with Dupla laterite (I think it should be called "Dupla dust") and
>> sand. 
>Umm, no problem whatsoever. The Duplarit "dust" (actually more like fine sand - 
>heavier than water) settles out within an hour unlike other less expensive 

I got some from Theil that was good also. The dust was an issue for some
folks. A tank I hacked up once took sometime to settle but it didn't bother
me too much, the customer was upset some.

>> I have had better success without them. 
>Bummer, I haven't. I'm just a spaz I guess <g>.

I'd be interested to see your opinion on a new tank that you used flourite

>That's plenty of good negative comments about coils. How about one positive one:

Yeh hah! How about more gravel sizes and choices/colors etc? Goodies to add
to the substrate can be quite fun also. On cold days ...leaning up against
the tank's bottom edge<g>!
>When people come over to visit and I tell them about the cables and open the 
>aquarium stand doors to show them the controller and transformers (along with 
>the trickle filter and plumbing and the CO2 tank and CO2 controller and 
>fittings), they go: 
>The reaction is well worth the price of entry <g>. Especially to a born show-off 
>like yours truly. 

I guess I am. It's a Leo thing<g>. Yea I like having goodies and
all..........it does impress!

>Ever get anyone to go slack-jawed over flourite?  

Yea, a bunch of folks actually! A couple of store owners, clients, public
aquariums, Greg at SeaChem. There's less to show off  about the system

>Yeah, that's the ticket - Heating Cables are Cool!

They are IMO too. I like the results myself. I loved my little 20 gallon
tank I had going for about 2 years. It did amazing things. My 20 gallon
flourite tank with no filter does even better. I'll have some slides coming
in a few days that will show some dandy results. I need to get around to
more of my customer's tanks for photo's. I have found a good way around the
cables that makes my life easier and is a no brainer. Cables et al all work
well pretty much. Keep it up!

I should have some weeds soon to repay you for the Eustralis that has been
sent all over creation by now. I've seen the same little sprig you gave me
in about 6 or 7 folk's tanks all over the country now. We all should compare
notes on it. It's worth while to look into it. Do you use the Dupla pendant
lights also?
Tom Barr