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Re: Cables, RFUG's & flourite

> Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 11:42:48 -0800
> From: "Thomas Barr" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> George responded to this as a "Ayep" also but went on to say that to be
> truly high tech you should have air conditioning in your house essentially
> going all the way with the high-tech approach<g>. My question to George: Do
> you have a Dupla air conditioner on your house<G>?

Har-dee-har-har <g>.  No, I was able to find one at my LHVACS.

> 1) Maybe I can come over and set up my tank at George's? Please?

Nope, sorry, the air conditioner is exactly sized for 2 Wide Bodies, 4 cats and 
three large tanks and anything else added to the house would cause the temp to 
rise and the coils to shut off. Couldn't have that now, could I? 

> 3)Simplicity is yet another bone I have to pick with cables. The flourite
> method is the simplest method there is. 

Arggh! Our current tanks were set up before flourite came on the market!  It's 
not my fault!!!

> 4) Aquascaping..........ahhhh forgot about that one didn't you? 

Umm, no, I gave up on trying to create terraces long ago. Here's what I do: If I 
want an area that appears to be higher I use taller plants! 8-O

> 5) replanting/trimming/hacking/attacking/disturbing the substrate. Try doing
> this with Dupla laterite (I think it should be called "Dupla dust") and
> sand. 

Umm, no problem whatsoever. The Duplarit "dust" (actually more like fine sand - 
heavier than water) settles out within an hour unlike other less expensive 

> The cables get pulled up when replanting many times due to roots being        
> entangled in them so the level they are placed in shifts and moves around      
> also. 

Yes, a potential problem for the unwary. But I'm very wary now.  
> I have had better success without them. 

Bummer, I haven't. I'm just a spaz I guess <g>.

That's plenty of good negative comments about coils. How about one positive one:

When people come over to visit and I tell them about the cables and open the 
aquarium stand doors to show them the controller and transformers (along with 
the trickle filter and plumbing and the CO2 tank and CO2 controller and 
fittings), they go: 


The reaction is well worth the price of entry <g>. Especially to a born show-off 
like yours truly. 

Ever get anyone to go slack-jawed over flourite?  

Yeah, that's the ticket - Heating Cables are Cool!


George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)