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Tank imbalance???


I hope I can draw on the knowledge of the experts out there, as I have a bit
of a problem with two of my planted tanks.

I will describe one of my tanks as the techniques imposed are essentially
the same.

- 40g, heavily planted (set up almost a year)
- DIY CO2 injected into the intake of an outside power filter (TopFin 60)
_ 126 watts florescent lighting (tubes: 1 96watt PC + 1 30 watt Triton)
_ Laterite with plain aquarium gravel
- No supplemental fertilization
- Fish load I would categorize as moderate
pH      7.0
KH      4 degrees
GH      3 degrees
NO3     0ppm
PO4     < 0.1

All readings were taken this morning before switching on the lights.
According to the chart on thekrib, I have around 12ppm CO2 (should be enough

Now my problem: Green water. My plants seem to be growing well and are
pearling every day. I just have this persistent green water problem. It's
not the consistency of "pea soup", but green none the less.

So, my diagnosis is some sort of imbalance. I believe I understand the
concept of a balanced aquarium, but perhaps not the implementation thereof.
According to my test results, the aquarium should be close to being
balanced, right? What am I missing? How do I know when an aquarium actually
is "balanced"?

Any advice would be appreciated, or if more information is needed, I will be
happy to provide. I just want to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

Phil Behrends
Colorado Springs, CO