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Re: Autoclaves and Driftwood? But why?

For the autoclave & DW thread;

I'm wondering why is there so much concern about driftwood enough to
autoclave it? IMHO, sterilization of DW is counterproductive b/c its not
going to prevent your tank (if its unbalanced) from being invaded by algae.
 All sterilizing your DW will do is provide low - competition territory for
fungal invasion!  

Besides, doesn't autoclaving risk denaturing many of the protein bonds that
hold the cellulose together?  Won't this reduce the lifespan of your DW in
the aquarium causing it to fall apart sooner than it ever should?

If that piece of wildwood you guys found is attractive enough to place in a
tank then rinse it off and drop it in!  If its loaded w/ tannins or floats
however, boil the thing for a few hours to get the stuff out and / or sink
it.  But I'd reconsider the course of action calling for autoclaving.  With
that kind of hard work you may as well go for one of my Australian "Pine"
pieces and save yourself the toil & boil , autoclave & slave HARD work ! :-)

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