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Re: Heating Coils

DT writes:

> OK..I understand now . But just for the sake of argument...couldn`t I place
>  several small heatsinks ( or the like ) around the bottom to create cooler
>  areas, and then achieve the convection needed ? I`m just running these
>  thought experiments around the ol`bean ...whatcha thimpk ?

I thimpk that if you are mounting them on the outside of the bottom glass, 
the glass would probably conduct the heat in a manner which would lead to the 
same effect as a solid plate.  If you are placing them "Strategically" around 
the inside, then it should work fine, assuming you set them apart the right 
distance to get an even flow throughout the substrate.  Otherwise you would 
end up with some dead spots.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator