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time to review?

>Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2000 12:00:42 -0500
>From: Cynthia S Powers <cyn at metronet_com>
>Subject: Enough already

>I've watching this whole "so-and-so's attitude is offensive" thread for a
>couple of days now; it appears it's not going to die on its own so I'm
>killing it.   Enough.

>FYI, when you don't like what someone here has to say, don't appreciate
>their "attitude" or just generally feel the need to take someone to task
>because you think you're morally superior and "they" should communicate in
>a way that you find appropriate - get over yourself.   If you can't get
>over yourself and let it go, then DON'T post your comments on this list.

>APD ListMom

Dear APD subscribers:

Perhaps because I'm a newbie I better recall the majordomo mailing I got
when I joined the APD.  In the light of recent friction between members (in
which I was involved) and the resultant polarization of public opinion, I
think that EVERYONE should review this information.

I have altered the order of the statements but not the text.  The first
statement is very important for the community overall and the second for
newbies in particular.

It reads:

   This list has been exceptionally friendly and free of flames.
   Keep it that way!  Arguments may be heated, but personal attacks
   and foul language are actively discouraged.

   It is strongly recommended that, upon joining the list, you read the
   Aquatic Plants FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the list archives
   and read the list for a while before posting your question.

   The FAQ can be found on the Web at:


   The APD archives (collected by month) can be retrieved from:


[Last updated on: Fri Feb 28  1:46:37 1997]

   The aquatic plant mailing list is intended to be a medium for exchange
   of information about all aspects of growing aquatic plants as a hobby.
   Postings on both aquarium plants and pond plants are welcome. Topics of
   discussion include (but are not limited to):

   1. Individual plant species (identification, cultivation, propagation, etc)
   2. Aquascaping
   3. Substrates - pros and cons of commercial substrate additives, potting
      soil, peat, etc.
   4. Water conditioners and fertilizers
   5. Hardware - heaters, filters, surface skimmers, etc.
   6. Compatibility of fish  and other organisms with aquatic plants
   7. Trades/exchanges between hobbyists

   Advertisements from commercial-scale operations are not permitted.


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