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Re: Fish load example

    Both responses to my posting were super helpful to me.  Thanks alot !

    A little follow-up:

Tom Barr wrote:  (snipped)
-All of those tanks he [Amano] does are possible on the long term.
-I did not believe that when I first saw them but now I think otherwise.

    They struck me as the genuine article, but I wondered how much of 
expertise, and his products, would be needed.  It's very encouraging to hear 
of your success !
Roger Miller wrote:  (snipped)  
-I think of Amano's fish (+shrimp) loads as moderate.  I suspect lots of us
-on the list keep higher loads than Amano does.
            !   WOW  !          I had no idea that was possible!   It's great 
to hear that, and again, very encouraging !      
    I am really enjoying the present level.  I'll be happy when I'm managing 
it right- provided that I'm not doing the fish an injustice keeping the 
schools that small.

        !   ,
    Zach K.