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Re: sterlizing driftwood thanks much :)

Hello again everyone :)
Sorry I have been so long to respond. I was up north
without a computer for a while.  To Cathy and Dave,
thanks much :) This is for Nathan (who emailed me with
some advice even though I was more interested in the
autoclave question) and susan; being a newbie to mail
lists and discussion boards I frequently forget to add
information or I read a posting and get lost without
enough info.  So for all the other newbies out there
like me, this is for us.

Cath and Dave, help me out here, I might get this
wrong.  An Autoclave is a steam-pressured vessel. The
vessel is 6 feet long and 4 feet in diameter. When you
start the machine there is no steam or pressure.  When
activated, the autoclave fills with steam, going from
0 psi to 120 psi in 5 seconds.  As to the temperature
in the autoclave, I can only guess, since I do not
have a thermometer hooked up to it.  Suffice it to say
that when I pull out any metal in the machine, if I
were to touch it, I would get severe burns.

I hope I got it all right.

Thanks again all!

Davis :)
adele_davis at yahoo_com

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