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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #395

Many thanks to George and Karen for their intellient and experienced
responses to my question on an aging substrate.  I have accidently done
some of what they suggested and found that it improved things, but I
didn't know why.  It is a big help to receive a good explanation.  Also,
I don't want to purposely remove any more substrates because it is a lot
of work.  That is the reason that I am actively working with the old
substrates now.  Slowly I am finding out what works.  This list is once
again helping me to understand why.

I am guilty of simply reading the list and continuing to learn without
sharing what I know from years of growing plants.  Some of my plants are
10 to 15 years old.  The recent flames did bother me.  So I will try to
comment more.  There are many different aproaches to growing plants that
work.  My way will work, but it might not fit the personality of
everyone.  I think it is wonderful to be able to read about the
different methods that people are using today.  This list makes it all

Joe Hildreth