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removing Biowheels

In a message dated 7/8/2000 01:00:22 Pacific Daylight Time,
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

> After
>  reading several posts stating that the bio-wheels gas
>  a lot of CO2 off, I've been thinking about removing
>  them.  I am concerned about the impact on my
>  biological filtration as my tank is stocked too
>  heavily.  Should I try a gradual removal, by slowing
>  the flow of the water to the bio-wheels, then using
>  only 1 for a while, before finally removing them both?
>   Or should I just rip the suckers off?

I "ripped the suckers off" of my 54 gallon corner and noticed a
significant difference in CO2 retention and plant growth which in turn
made a "dent" in the amount of algae I was dealing with.  Makes sense;
healthier plants - less algae.  To compensate for the decrease in
biological filtration, I just added more plants, although I don't really
think that the biowheel added that much biological media to make a big
difference anyway.  Ripped 'em off - no regrets.