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re: Aquarium Landscapes Needle Valve

Andrew Ritter asks 

<< Has anyone tried the CO2 needle valve sold by Pet Warehouse? I found it
in their Early Summer 2000 catalog as well as at their online store site:
http://www.petwhse.com/webstore/webstore.nsf/(id)/1490E?OpenDocument, Item
#870052, $25.95.  I did some additional searching and found it is called an
Aquarium Landscapes Needle Valve, and is supposedly a high quality valve
used in the medical profession. >>

After very bad experiences with the UltraCheap needle valve that came with
our UltraLife CO2 system (as well as a replacement installed by the
company), we removed it and put in an Aquarium Landscapes needle valve. I
have found it to be excellent. I have no trouble keeping a rock-steady
bubble rate. Our 5-lb cylinder charge is still going after more than 4
months at a bubble rate of about 90/min (24 hrs) on our 135-gal tank. Look
Ma, no leaks!

(I learned after the fact that UltraLife justifies the cheap valve because
they intend their system to be used with a pH controller. They don't
mention this in their advertising.)


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